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Secure chain of custody. Combine multiple services on 1 truck to save on fee’s… Great for Everyone!Secure chain of custody. Combine multiple services on 1 truck to save on fee’s… Great for Everyone!

Recycling Bins

Use for batteries, cell phones, Paper, hard drives & toner…Great for Prop mgr!

Recycling Events

Be green with the mega events we can run with you or for you… Great for Corps, Schools, Cities!

Partner Opportunities

Helping service your customers for your added value… Great for IT mgr, Computer stores!

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Now offering ON-SITE HARD DRIVE PUNCHING, a Lower cost alternative to HARD DRIVE SHREDDING! Is on-site hard drive destruction required for your company data destruction needs?

While AVA does offer certified OFF-site Hard Drive shredding in Chicago, We specialize in a lower cost and just as effective service known as hard drive punching. You will witness each and every drive punched on premisis. We are able to inventory by serial number by request as well. Hard drives are rendered useless and disassembled for precious metals as their final end of life destination.

E-Waste-Asset Recovery

Electronics are located everywhere. There is always a certified recycling need in the world.

Data-paper Shredding

Hard Drive Shredding, Paper Shredding, Document Shredding, are handled securely.

Office Junk Haul

We help with residential and commercial clean outs. We donate and recycle what we can.

Battery-Fluorescent Recycling

Bulbs and Batteries are a major issue for businesses and properties. Certified Recycling.

Do you help with Recycling Events?

​Recycling events are hosted throughout the year at Churches, Businesses, Governmental agencies and Multi housing buildings. Our events are efficient and we make sure we are there with you every step of the way. We are able to supply you with a trailer, a Van, or just come by at the end of the day for smaller events that need the pick up.

What about my DATA?

We abide by federal regulations and private institutions for data security. We have the capacity for HIPAA compliancy if your organization needs it. We have a rigorous process of inspecting all collected items as well as random inspections on processes. We offer Hard Drive Destruction and ON-Site Hard Drive punching. Our paper shredding service is an off site program that works with in conjunction with one of the largest paper recycling plants in the area.

Do we receive certificates and LEED Points?

All non-residential clients will receive a certificate of proper recycling, service and data destruction. If a customer needs more information on the certificate additional a la carte services are provided. We issue certificates after a pick up is complete and has the client information as well as the scope of work our company does when it comes to recycling. If you are part of our Property Manager box program, then you will receive a special certificate that has the carbon emissions saved on it. This unique certificate helps you achieve greater LEED value for your tenants.

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