Pick Up Service

Secure chain of custody when you combine multiple services on 1 truck. Great for Everyone needing to clean up without having to hire multiple companies.

Recycling Bins

Use for batteries, cell phones, Paper, hard drives & toner. Our boxes are great for property managers, schools and any other facility with 10+ people. This 1 stop box!

Recycling Events

Be green with the mega events we can run with you. Our trained staff is ready to help assist in all aspects of the event. This is great for employees and the community.

E-Waste Box

E-Boxes are for Property Managers, Businesses, Hospitals and many other industries. We add you to our E-Waste Box Route which means our volume of pick ups gives you a discounted rate. These boxes are heavy duty and will not break easily. You can put computers, laptops, printers, wires and other misc items at a discounted rate.

You get a lot of perks with our E-Box program. You are able to unlock many of our services for a fraction of the general public which further brings value to your employees and customers:
-Our pick up rates are discounted
-Combine services to save
-Discounted recycling events to E-Box clients
-Discounted TV rates


LEED Buildings have a very strict protocol they must abide by. We offer the unique service of submitting carbon emissions with a certificate which generates LEED points for buildings. This is a valuable tool in such a competative market for LEED buildings.

LEED BUILDING POINTS: All non-residential clients will receive a certificate of proper recycling, service and data destruction. If a customer needs more information on the certificate additional a la carte services are provided. We issue certificates after a pick up is complete and has the client information as well as the scope of work our company does when it comes to recycling. If you are part of our Property Manager box program, then you will receive a special certificate that has the carbon emissions saved on it. This unique certificate helps you achieve greater LEED value for your tenants.

Chicago Shredder


Clients in Our Network

Starting with small and medium businesses and all the way to US-wide and multi-national corporations. Our Recycling network handles many aspects of our clients recycling.


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