Local Chicago Reps

Whatever your plan is, our company makes it simple to combine, rearrange and customize services.

Chain Of Custody

We have a secure chain of custody with final R2 vendors for Data based precious metals.

Fast Pick Up

Handling thousands of pick ups per year means we can easily add you on our routes.

Electronics & TV's

Local Certified Recycling

SMart APP intuitive automated editing follows the action so you don’t have to. Use in-app filters to enhance or customize the shots as you film.

Computer Recycling

Printers and copiers

Ink & Toner Recycling

We handle all ink, toner and cartridges as well as destroy the data inside of certain copiers for your convenience.

printer recycling

Crushing & Shredding

Hard Drive & Paper

We offer every single type of service available for hard drives & paper Via: on-site & off-site data destruction needs.

Value For High End Tech

IT Asset Disposal

We find value where other companies can't. We have a large network of partners to purchase IT tech.

Secure Data

Pick Up Service

Secure chain of custody when you combine multiple services on 1 truck. Great for Everyone needing to clean up without having to hire multiple companies.

Recycling Bins

Use for batteries, cell phones, Paper, hard drives & toner. Our boxes are great for property managers, schools and any other facility with 10+ people. This 1 stop box!

Recycling Events

Be green with the mega events we can run with you. Our trained staff is ready to help assist in all aspects of the event. This is great for employees and the community.

Ready To Schedule?

Secure E-Waste, Data, Lamps and more can be handle on 1 truck for your convenience!