What are the reasons that make it essential to carry out data destruction at times? I imagine that is a common question that you keep on asking daily. Well, it is worth noting that destroying data in a hard drive is very crucial.

It guarantees the security of information in the drives and this protects the company in several ways. Moreover, it ensures the trust of your clients since you do not put their confidential information to risk.

In this article, we are going to focus on a sensitive area of data management. The data in old hard drives need to be disposed of well due to many reasons. Below are the significant reasons to destroy a hard drive;

Security of Data

After a company is done working with some hard drives or data tapes, it is wise to destroy them to secure the information in those drives. Deleting the files in the old drive is not enough to ensure information security due to the following reasons;

  • Fraudsters can still recover deleted files
  • Deletion does not entirely wipe out information

Some experts in fraud can still retrieve deleted data. It is therefore advisable to destroy used hard drives. It is the safest and surest way of ensuring data safety.

Data Destruction

Compliance with Data Legislations

There are laws that are set to protect information obtained from consumers. The agencies require that firms and companies take full control of information about their clients. Failure to comply with the above might result in conflicts with relevant authorities.

The bodies below are concerned with data legislations;

  • The GLB
  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • The FACTA

Failure to comply with the legislation is consequential. A firm can be penalized huge sums of money for the offense. It is therefore advisable for firms to destroy hard drives to wipe out confidential information about their clients.

Maintenance of Customer’s Trust

All your customers expect that you will handle all their data with confidentiality. It is why they give you even the most sensitive data. If you fail to honor this, you will lose their rare trust.

If you dispose of the hard drives inappropriately, unwanted persons will access the files. It will after that put the confidential information of those customers to exposure. Once they learn about it, they will mistrust you, and you will lose them one by one.

The disposal should only be done through destruction because;

  • It is a professional
  • It is secure

Saving the Cost of Hard Drives Storage

The cost of securely maintaining old hard drives is high. You have to get a space that must be of course protected to avoid data theft. It will make you dig deeper into the company’s pockets to afford it.

However, with the options of destroying old hard drives, you will have no stress since all you need is to gather the drives together and destroy them. It does not cost you much, yet it is the most secure practice.

The practice saves cost hence;

  • You will get higher profits for the firm
  • The profits accelerates your firm’s growth
Hard drive Recycling

Safeguarding the Corporate Image of your Company

There is no way you will incur the cost of rebuilding a besmirched company reputation if you destroy the old hard drive. The reason is that you are sure to avoid informational breaches by killing them. This assures your customers that you are clean since there are no court battles your company is involved in.

A protected corporate identity is beneficial for the following reasons;

  • Prevents ruining the company brand hence smooth business
  • Prevents time wastage in court battles over data breaching

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The data destruction started when the guillotine and paper shredder were discovered, and everything has now advanced. The issue of data destruction and Ewaste are going to gain more momentum in the future and they will be embraced wholeheartedly.

In conclusion, it is good that companies know that old hard drives are destroyed for all the reasons we have seen above. Data management is vital in all areas of life.

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